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"I have been meaning to share with you how much both Bindya and I are so thankful that we chose Master Han for our kids, and now I, to train. Not only is he so amazing in terms of teaching the kids the art of Taekwondo, we love the life long lessons that he teaches them as well. In fact, to us, those lessons are more important than the training. Moreover, what we appreciate the most is how much he genuinely cares (loves) all of his students which was so obvious this past weekend at the tournament.

Anyways, I just wanted to share that with you. Thank you so much for everything that you all is appreciated."
Vinay and Bindya Aggarwal

"I just want to say a Big thank you for all the encouragement and support given to Ryan at the tournament.  Although he did not get any place in the competition, it was a great experience for him and I am sure with Master Han's training he will do well in the future.
Our experience at the school has been so positive and we are so happy about the decision we made. Better late than never.

Thank you once again."
Ilanka and Nishan (Ryan's parents)

"We have 3 of our children in Master Han's Tae Kwon Do academy. We evaluated a number of martial arts schools in the area and concluded that Master Han's academy met all of our selection criteria (i.e. facility layout, authenticity, program, location, environment and much more).
Having been a Tae Kwon Do student myself in the early 80s, I felt that it was imperative to have an authentic instructor from Korea, emphasizing on the true art of Tae Kwon Do. My teenage children look forward to attending Master Han's classes as he teaches self respect, discipline, proper TKD technique, encourages physical fitness, and all while making it really enjoyable.
All three of my children, envision a long journey with Master Han's academy that not only will provide them with Black Belt degrees, maybe a spot in the Canadian Olympic Team, but most importantly prepare them for life. "
Thank You Master Han and Berrin,


"We consider ourselves very lucky to have found your gym a couple of years ago and were immediately impressed with the way Master Han was with our kids.  It was instantly clear to us that he genuinely loved teaching them and that’s why we committed to the black belt program without hesitation.  His passion to teach with integrity shows through everyday we’re there; my kids have gained more respect for others, competitiveness and confidence.  Excellent job and thank you!

Noel & Sharon

 "My 7 years old daughter takes classes with Master Han and she is enjoying the benefits of TKD training tremendously. Han’s Tae kwon do Academy is simply the best in the area.   The level of instruction is in a class of excellence all by itself.
Master Han’s TKD skills and technique are exceptional and his passion for what he does is motivating to everyone who steps on the mat to train with him. One of the most positive aspects of the Academy is that Master Han is wonderful and truly take a genuine interest in the growth and development of his students.  He knows how to bring out the best in each of students while keeping the classes fun, engaging, and challenging. Master Han is a natural teacher and deftly addresses all his students' needs ensuring everyone gets individual attention and leaves class feeling invigorated by the experience.

It is not possible to be in his class without enjoying yourself.  Master Han’s family and the Academy from students are friendly, supportive group of people from all walks of  life training at all levels of physical fitness as well.  For anyone considering starting or returning to Tae Kwon Do, I cannot recommend this Academy highly enough. You'll be glad you did. I would recommend this Academy to anyone! Academy also have a fun summer camp and the birthday party… my daughter had such fun her 7th birthday party at the Academy and she even wants to do it again her 8th birthday party as well…."
Thank You, Master Han and Berrin^^

 "Master Han is not only a simple Taekwondo instructor. He is an absolutely stunning teacher who knows by heart how to balance affection, discipline and physical techniques. During the 3-month presence, my son (Sam) vividly has developed physical strength, is more discipline-oriented and loves Taekwondo and his Master"

"We would like inform you that Master Han is doing a wonderful job in teaching the kids. He makes sure that kids fully understand what he teaches and he has a passion for what he does. Saying that I would like to appreciate how professionally Mrs. Han takes care of the admin work for the academy with a good social responsibility."
Thank you.

Siva and Vida  

"First of all let me say how pleased I am with the school and instruction that Ethan and Julian have been receiving. I think they are very blessed to have such a dedicated and skilled Master and I am so glad I kept searching until I found the right place for them."
Many thanks,
Lisa A. Moses