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Toddler Program  is for children ages 4 and 5. This program will improve children's focus and concentration as well as their listening and motor skills in a positive environment while they are having fun.

Junior Program will focus on developing self-discipline, and self respect as well as increasing confidence and motivation. Younger students will be able to overcome peer pressure and built positive attitude. At the same time, students will enjoy the physical fitness and friendship.

Adult Program is specifically designed for all men and women to improve physical strength and endurance, enhance agility and fitness, learn self-defense skills and achieve their personal goals.

Cardio Class will give all members of all ages the opportunity to work on their cardio.  These high intensity cardio classes which are available to all members will help you get leaner, help tone your muscles, increase your flexibility and most importantly improve your overall cardiovascular fitness. Such cardio workouts at a fast and furious pace can speed up your metabolism for hours even after your cardio class is over. What makes this class even more desirable and fun is that you get to work out in a group of friends and family members!

Olympic Class is a competitive program for those students who are capable of becoming the next Olympic Champion. This program will even challenge individuals with highest level of cardiovascular and muscle endurance. The students are expected to fully participate and commit to the program. They will learn not only the advanced Taekwondo techniques but also total self-discipline and self-control.

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