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  1. Always encourage your children doing Taekwondo and be supportive however they may perform.

  2. Try not to compare your childres’ progress with other students and point it out to them. Understand the fact that every student is different and progresses at a different rate.

  3. Retain yourselves from coaching your children at home as it may cause confusion to the students as to who to listen to. Consequently the students may lose interest and be discouraged, resulting in poor performance. You are welcome to assist them (i.e., help them learning their patterns by making them watch the pattern videos on our website or helping them memorize their Korean Taekwondo Terminologies, etc.).

  4. Do not interrupt or allow children to interrupt their taekwondo training because of poor academics. On the contrary, you chose Taekwondo for your child to build character, learn discipline, responsibility and respect which are building stones of life and will guide your children when making decisions which will matter in the long run. Therefore, taking Taekwondo away as a disciplinary measure should never be a consideration. Instead, you as parents should help your children balance Taekwondo training and school by being more involved in their academics and plan out their study schedule. Teach them time management which will benefit them in the future as well.

  5. Teach your children to be responsible and to take care of their uniforms, belts and sparring gears.

  6. Encourage your children to follow the Rules of Taekwondo at home and any other place outside the dojang. We must work together reinforcing these rules for them to be effective in the long run.

  7. Respect the Master who is teaching the class and the students who are there to learn by keeping your conversations to a minimum in a low voice with other parents in the viewing area. A noisy viewing area distracts the students and makes them loose focus.

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