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Rules for Taekwondo Dojang (STUDENTS)

  1. Bow upon entering and leaving the dojang from the centre door. Also, bow to your Master and Instructors before receiving instructions.

  2. Always obey and respect your Masters, Instructors, Parents and senior/higher belt students. Always bow and greet the Masters and Instructors whenever and wherever you meet them.

  3. Address your Masters and Instructors by their last name (e.g. Master Han, Mr. Levin...etc.).

  4. Arrive for class on time. If you are late, you must do push-ups before joining your classmates.

  5. Keep your dobok (uniform) clean and presentable. You cannot enter the dojang without proper uniform or a belt. Respect your uniform and belt by not throwing them on the ground.

  6. Students with long hair should tie up their hair.

  7. Always place your outdoor shoes on the shoe rack in the designated areas.

  8. No shoes except the Taekwondo training shoes are allowed in the dojang.

  9. Line up according the ranking from the right to the left and the front row to the back. Late arrival should line up to the back regardless of their ranking.

  10. Students should not enter or leave the class without obtaining permission from your Master or Instructor.

  11. To prevent injuries, jewelleries and watches are not to be worn during training. Finger and toe nails should be kept short.

  12. If you have any injury, tell your Master or Instructor before class begins. If you are injured during class, report it to your Master or Instructor right away.

  13. Food, alcohol, tobacco, chewing gum, loud conversation, negative behavior and foul language are strictly prohibited in the dojang.

  14. During sparring classes, you must wear a full sparring gear (including mouth guard and groin guard however uncomfortable they may be) as they are for your safety and the safety of your sparring partner.

  15. Seniors must behave and set a good example for the juniors. Juniors must respect senior belts and elders.

  16. Students are expected to be polite, honest, and humble and always follow the rules of Taekwondo.

  17. Never forget that you learn Taekwondo for defensive purposes and never to offend or bully anyone.

  18. Never use Taekwondo outside the dojang, unless in self-defense or in defense of someone weaker – and then only use the least force necessary.

  19. Do not brag or boast of your Taekwondo abilities inside or outside the dojang.

  20.   20. Remember the first rule of self-defense is to avoid conflict wherever possible.

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